Motorcycle Wedding Favors

Motorcycle wedding favors are not easy to find as a standard wedding favor. You need to look for custom-made or DIY (do it yourself) types of favors.

porcelain motorcycle magnets
Porcelain Motorcycle Magnets
Harley Davidson inspired wedding kissing bells
Kissing Bells with custom label
candles with motorcycle thank you tag
Candles with custom thank you
Custom motorcycle candy wrappers
Custom Candy Wrappers
biker bandanas for wedding favor
custom drink coasters with motorcycles
Drink Coasters with stamped motorcycle

We have one DIY motorcycle wedding favor presently on the site with more to come. Here is a list of ideas for you to start thinking about.

  • Poker Chips with motorcycles on them
  • sunglass cleaner
  • napkin bands
  • sunblock packet
  • toothpick booklet – roasting a hog? Your guests are going to need toothpicks!
  • moist towelettes – personalize with sticker and a motorcycle – road grime cleaners
  • wedding party motorcycle tags/signs
  • ceramic coasters
  • motorcycle charms
  • hog charms
  • eagle charms
  • Bandanas tied with ribbon and a tag