Motorcycle Wedding Invitations

You already dare to be different by planning a motorcycle-themed wedding, and your wedding invitations should let your guests know that from the get-go.

When this website was started back in 2006, motorcycle wedding invitations were pretty rare. Now, we have many places to check and many designs to choose from.

From elegant swirls and flowers to screaming biker with flames and skulls, the invitations below are samples from different companies to give you an idea of what is now available.

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Ideas For The Motorcycle Invitation Envelopes

Motorcycle Postage Stamps

You can add a little special touch to your envelopes with motorcycle postage stamps. The USPS currently does not have any motorcycle stamps but eBay often has sellers listing full unused sheets of stamps. This might not be cost-effective if you are mailing a lot of invitations, but worth the look if you’re having a small wedding.

Thickness and shape play a role in postage costs too. Square costs more and envelopes thicker than 1/4″ thick are too. These types of cards cannot be run through the machines as easily and need to be postmarked by hand.

It was a sad day when the USPS discontinued the custom postage stamp program. You can find their current “love” stamps here.

Mailing Labels

You can create your own labels using Avery address labels and free clipart of a motorcycle. You could even add a picture of the two of you on the motorcycle.

For a non-do-it-yourself option, many companies now offer customized labels. Zazzle and Shutterfly to name two. If you have a Staples near you, they offer same-day service for customized address labels.

You might also want to check out these Harley-Davidson® mailing labels for your envelopes.

Sealing The Envelopes

Custom photo stickers are a great and inexpensive way to personalize your wedding invitations and thank you cards.

Order three sets of stickers: 1) a picture of the bride, 2) a picture of the groom, and 3) a picture of the two of you. Seal your wedding invitations with two stickers, you and the groom. After the wedding, seal the thank you cards with a single sticker of the two of you together.

Another cute idea is to use a rubber stamp to “act” as a seal over the envelope flap. Inexpensive and you get to keep the rubber stamp! eBay was a great source for me when I was making physical products to sell here on the site. has a great selection of motorcycle stamps including some words like, “Born To Ride” and “Ride On”. They just might have your motorcycle style.

Wedding Invitation Planner

There are so many options for wedding invitations your head will spin as fast as the motorcycle wheels! Use the following information as a wedding invitation planner to help guide your decisions with your invitation choices.

What Needs To Go On The Invitation?

  • Name of Bride and Groom
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place

Those things are the absolute minimum that should be on the wedding invitation. Other things that will help your guests and could be included on an additional card:

Parents Names of The Bride and Groom

Parents names are a must if they are paying for the wedding. It’s also helpful if your parents have friends on the guest list and they might not recognize your names.

What To Wear

Letting your guests know what to wear is super important if you are having an outdoor wedding, especially in the middle of summer. They’ll want to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that will help keep them cool.

If you’ll be offering rides, they’ll most likely want to wear pants instead of shorts, a dress or skirt.


Are children welcome or will you request they leave by a certain time? We all know how crazy some of us bikers get after a few drinks!


If you are planning a mini poker run for your guests while you are having pictures taken, they need to know to be prepared to ride.


Did you know RSVP is a French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Please respond”? Now you do. Are you trying to pronounce it? I did. Tell them when you need to know if they are planning on attending.

Make it easy on them and give them options, email, text, phone call or put a stamp on a card if you wish to spend the money.

You might even tell them why you need to know. RSVPs seem to have become a thing of the past for many people and those people need encouragement to respond to you.


My favorite part about weddings! It seems a bit unusual for a wedding couple not to have a reception afterwards but there are times it does happen. If there will be one, be sure to let your guests know especially if it’s held at a different location than the wedding ceremony.

Directions To Your Motorcycle Wedding and Biker Reception

Directions are super helpful for older guests but at the very least, addresses for GPS if the ceremony and the reception are in two different locations.

If you are having a mini poker run, be sure to include the whole route incase someone gets lost, breakdowns, etc.

Guests Determine How Many Invitations You Need

Of course, your guest list will need to be made out first but this number can affect the type and style of invitations that you purchase due to cost. You will also need extras for those last-minute invites, lost in the mail, and especially one as a keepsake for you.

Motorcycle Wedding Invitation Sizes

The standard most popular and affordable size of motorcycle wedding invitations is a 5″ x 7″ flat card in portrait mode. You can also order square, skinny rectangular, or the little bigger 6″x 8″ rectangle.

Motorcycles are obviously wider than they are tall so consider that when designing your invitation. If you want the motorcycle to cover the majority of the card, consider a 5″x7″ in landscape mode, which is 7″ wide by 5″ tall.

If you are super crafty and have a Silhouette, Cricut, or another cutting machine, I suggest you create a motorcycle-shaped invitation! How fun would that be for your guests to get in the mail? If you do it, send me one!

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