Invited To A Biker Wedding: What To Wear And What Gifts To Give

If you were invited to a biker wedding as a guest and wondering what to wear or what gifts to buy for motorcycle lovers, you’ll find the answers here. It’s not much different than any other wedding or gift buying with just a few exceptions.


What Do I Wear To A Biker Wedding?

What to wear to a biker wedding pretty much follows any other wedding tradition. The invitation should let you know if it’s formal, semi-formal, or casual. Wear what you would normally wear to a wedding unless you’ve been asked to dress like a biker.

If you were asked to dress in biker garb, that just means to wear what you would wear if you were riding. Bandana on your head, sunglasses, a pair of jeans, a motorcycle-related T-shirt, and boots.

Many motorcycle wedding receptions will be held outside in the heat of the summer, so dress appropriately for the temperature. Don’t wear heels that will sink into the ground. If the reception is a casual outdoor BBQ, wear jeans, shorts, or a skirt and a comfortable top. Just remember there will be lots of pictures. Be yourself and have fun!

19 Motorcycle Lover’s Wedding Gifts

The first thing I would do when looking for a motorcycle lover’s wedding gift is to see if they have a registry somewhere. If they do, get them something off of it, you can’t go wrong by doing so.

If you want to buy them something for their motorcycle or riding adventures, it’s important to know what brand and type of motorcycle the couple has. You don’t want to buy something with Harley-Davidson® on it if they own a Goldwing®, BMW®, or a sportbike.

Gift Card

If you know what brand of motorcycle the couple has, a gift card from their local dealer in a nice amount will be much appreciated! It may sound a bit blase but bikers are picky about what parts they put on their bike.

If you don’t know, read on. The gift ideas listed below should be fairly safe without knowing what their bike is. You might want to include a return receipt just in case.

Phone Mount

Your first though might be that this is a dangerous idea but many motorcycles do not have GPS on them. Being able to mount a phone with easy access is better than having to stop somewhere just to check to see if you are going in the right direction.

These also work as somewhat of a safety measure for the phone for those that want to always carry it in their front pocket. A big bump in the road and the phone could be gone. The mount keeps it visible at all times.

Lower end models start around $20.

Bluetooth Headsets

Headsets are amazing for couples! If you’ve never ridden, you should know it can be very difficult to talk to each other as you are riding down the road. Headsets enable conversations that may help avoid an accident, enable the driver to hear directions instead of looking at the phone and some will even play tunes.

They are available in styles that accommodate helmets or fit on the head for riders who don’t wear helmets. Some of the more expensive models are hands-free (voice-activated) which is best for the one behind the handlebars.

Prices vary greatly, starting at just around $20 and up over $400 or more.

Motorcycle USB Charger

A must-have, convenient product for any motorcyclist that travels long distances. This will help keep cell phones and tablets charged while out in the middle of nowhere.

If the motorcycle has an SAE plug, you can get a USB charger for around $10. If not, a solar charger is the way to go. Solar chargers are perfect for motorcycle camping trips and can run up to around $60.

Motorcycle Camera / Dash Cam

You may wonder why someone might need a camera on a motorcycle. There are many beautiful sights when cruising the country roads. Cameras can record these views without the rider fumbling around with a phone and possibly missing the shot, or crashing!

Models with front and rear views can help keep an eye on their friends behind them. They’re also a great aid for night time driving.

As with all electronics, prices vary greatly depending on the quality and features. You can snag a lower-end model for around $50.

Motorcycle Lift

A motorcycle lift does just that, it lifts the motorcycle off the ground anywhere from a few inches up to around 2 or 3 feet. It is a must-have tool for any biker who works on their own bike. Actually, these are even nice for just being able to clean up the motorcycle.

Low end will run around $100 and nicer lifts over a thousand.

Grip Lock or Rotor Lock

These are anti-theft devices. Grip locks attach to the handlebar with the brake lever inserted. Rotor or brake locks are attached to the brake and locked. Some brake locks have alarms to remind the rider to remove them before taking off. (If they forget, the bike will fall over!)

Peace of mind and theft protection are a great value gift, especially with pricing starting at just around $10.00.

Roll up Tool Kit

A “just in case” type of gift, just in case the bike breaks down. The roll up kit is preferred because it takes up less room. The kits come with a few tools, wrenches, pliers, screwdriver and bits, some will have a tire pressure guage and a spark plug wrench.

Even if the rider isn’t a mechanic, having these tools handy when broken down on the side of the road, makes them available for someone who has stopped to help.

Prices start around $30.

Detailing / Cleaning Kit

Gear brushes and scrapers, cleaning mitts, and detail brushes are tools included in the kit that can be bought separately from cleaners. Cleaning kits can include cleaners for the different finishes on the bike and waxes to finish it off.

They run $10 clear up to over $100.

Helmet Lock

Helmets are expensive and easy to walk away with. They are bulky to carry around with you and preference is to leave them with the bike. These locks are fairly low cost and like the brake locks, offer peace of mind at a low price point.

Be sure to check the bike owners state laws on helmets. If helmets are not required, they might not even own one. But if they travel a lot to other states, they most likely will have a helmet.

Pricing starts around $15.

Motorcycle Cover

Storage in the off season makes a biker sad. What would make him even sadder would be months worth of dirt to clean off before he can ride. Motorcycle covers are reasonable priced at $20 and up.

Small First Aid kit

Small as in, so it will fit on the bike. Due to the danger of wrecking while riding a motorcycle, certain items in a first aid kit are more important than a few bandaids. This article at First Aid Anywhere has detailed information.

Care Package

This is something that you could easily create yourself. A little care package for those days when something is forgotten back home or the wind has won over a bandana. Put the items in a waterproof baggie and wrap them up in something cute. Adding a special note inside shows you thought the gift out.

Some things you might put in a care package:

  • earplugs
  • chapstick
  • individually wrapped moist towelettes
  • extra sunglasses
  • clear glasses
  • sunscreen
  • bandanas

A Lifetime Supply of Bandanas

Bandanas can be found for as little as $1 each and in a huge variety of colors.

Heavy Duty Coat Hooks or Hangers

Leather jackets are heavy and over time will stress out a plastic hanger. The hooks are great for riding reason and the hangers for winter storage.

Lightweight Rain Suits

Even with today’s easy access to the weather on our phones, we still sometimes get caught in the rain. Rain suits stored on the motorcycle can save the day.

Prices start in at $20 but expect to pay around $35 for a nicer set.

Motorcycle Carrier

For the couple that likes to travel, a motorcycle carrier is a nice gift. They attach to the back of a vehicle with a hitch and usually made from steel and aluminum. Look for one with a ramp and be cautious about the weight capacity.

Lower end models are around $100.

Motorcycle Trailer

A big step up from a carrier but if you have a large budget, an enclosed motorcycle trailer is something to think about for the wedding couple. There will be times when the motorcycle needs transport either from a break down or even taking it on vacation.

Starting around $3 grand new, a used trailer in excellent condition could save you quite a bit.

Aluminum Ramps

If the couple owns a truck with no place to keep a trailer, aluminum ramps are easy to store. They can be used to load riding mowers and even ATV’s.

Pricing starts at around $100.

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