Biker Wedding Vows

Wedding vows should be very personalized to the couple and that is usually done by writing them yourself. Use some of the ideas on this page to help you get started.

Biker wedding vows almost always include some sort of biker language like “Riding Through Life”, “Let’s Ride Together”, or “I’ll Be There For You Kickstand Up or Down”. Making promises to each other through the words that play such a big part in your riding lifestyle should be the focus of your vows.


Write Your Own Motorcycle Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows is not hard. The hard part is getting started. Once you put pen to paper or ink to a screen, you’ll find words will start to flow easier. And the really nice part, you can say anything that you want!

You could simply recite a favorite poem about love but you could easily adapt it to suit your needs. Lower down on the page, I adapted an old Irish blessing. I simply replaced words a biker would understand and that reflect the riding lifestyle.

12 Biker Wedding Vow Ideas to Get You Started

  • Two wheels move the soul, two souls share the wind
  • When life throws us a curve, we’ll lean into it together
  • If I never ride my own, I’ll always ride you
  • When you’ve turned chrome…
  • I promise to pick the bugs off…
  • When life gets complicated we’ll ride…
  • We’ll race the rain and ride the wind…
  • Happiness is a motorcycle, a full tank of gas, and you.
  • Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when they try to jump you. (Adapted from Evel Knievel quote)
  • I love you. I get the same feeling when I think about you as I do when I think about my motorcycle.
  • I promise to always notice when you get new chrome.
  • Who loves you, baby? Me. Who loves my motorcycle? Also me.

If those ideas don’t get things going for you, read about writing your own wedding vows on The Knot.

 May the road rise up to meet us
 May the wind be always at our backs
 May the sun shine be warm upon our faces
 May the rain clouds never be black.
Biker wedding vow adapted from an old Irish blessing
Adapted from an old Irish blessing

A Few More Tips for your Biker Wedding Vows

Say something that will make the bride or groom smile or laugh. It’s a great way to start off your marriage!

You could tell a little story about riding together that made you realized “they were the one”.

Definately don’t forget to say I love you. Add in a couple of reasons that are a little unusual, like maybe the way he touches your face or the way she looks at you.

A Biker’s Prayer

Adding a biker’s prayer to your wedding ceremony might also be something to add. You could recite it as part of your vows or recite it together after you both have had your say.

As I lay rubber down the street,
I pray for traction I can keep.
But if I spin and being to slide,
please dear god protect my hide.

or the version for both of you

As we lay rubber down the street,
we pray for traction we can keep.
But if we spin and being to slide,
please dear god protect our hide.

If you are totally stuck and just want something to print out, Chaplain ministries have a biker wedding ceremony file that you can download and just sort of fill in the blanks. It is a guide for a minister that includes vows. This will download immediately.