Biker Wedding Decorating Ideas

If you’re having a traditional type wedding without motorcycles, you can still add a few of these ideas to your reception and let others know how much you love your motorcycle.

Wedding Favors

Motorcycle related wedding favors are few and far in between. If you find some, please let us know! Since they are hard to come by, we’ll need to be creative and come up with our own. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Give mini leather jacket keychains to guests
  • Add motorcycle charms to purchased favors
  • Give doorags or bandanas to guests (How do you spell it? Du Rag, Dorag, or Doorag? Let me know)
  • Chocolate candies with a bride and groom on a bike, and there were some lollipops too.
  • Have someone be a tattoo artist and apply temporary tattoos to the guests during the reception

Reception Tables

  • Use white leather cord or leather strips for ribbons and bandanas for bows on your floral centerpieces.
  • Use saddlebags for the card box
  • Tie bandanas together to form a swag for the wedding party table

Harley-Davidson® Logo Cake Picks

These cake picks are a great and easy way to add to your Harley-Davidson® wedding reception. They can be put into cupcakes, or snap (or cut) the tail off and use them for just about any other crafty idea that you can come up with.

Biker Duck Wedding Favors

These are a DIY project and you can find the instructions here: DIY Motorcycle Wedding Favors: Biker Ducks

biker wedding duck
Adorable biker ducks embedded in a heart-shaped soap base and a Harley- Davidson® logo cupcake pick!
Set of 4 Harley themed motorcycle wedding favors
Everyone that has seen these just loves them.
biker ducks in a soap base
These are easy to make but are time-consuming and a little bit on the high end as a favor.

Motorcycle Wedding Candy Molds

Bride and groom on their motorcycle making their get a away to their honeymoon!

This candy mold is FDA approved for food and can also be used to pour soap, cement and plaster! The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!

There are only two cavities in the mold, so to make your job faster, order more than one.

Purchase Biker Wedding Candy Mold

Motorcycle Lollipop Mold

Made from the same material as the Bride and Groom mold above, FDA approved for food.

The finished product will be approximately 2″ x 4″, so still an ok size if you wish to make soap with this mold.

Purchase Motorcycle Lollipop Mold

Harley-Davidson® Poker Chips

These cute poker chips come in three different designs as you can see in the image. One great idea is to put the three of them into an orange or black organza bag and place them on your tables as your wedding favors for the guests to take home with them. If you are really good with your computer, you could print out your names and the date on a circle sticker and place those on the back of the chips.

Harley-Davidson® Poker Chips

Out with the old and in the new, these are a much higher quality chip.

Motorcycle Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers would be really cute sitting around the food table during the reception. To give you an idea of their size, the motorcycles pictured with the palm tree sits in my hand with my fingers slightly curled. They are approximately 5 inches long.

There is another set of salt and pepper shakers available that are of a kissing biker couple on motorcycles.

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