Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Top your cake the biker way! This page will tell you where to buy motorcycle cake toppers, what you might expect to pay, what your options are, what they are made of, and the quality you might expect. You can also make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper.

bride and groom with motorcycle cake topper
Custom Cake Topper from

Style and Costs of Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Let’s start with the style and price of motorcycle cake toppers. There are frilly, lacy cake toppers that do not include a bride and groom, there are small glass motorcycles that you can easily place with an existing topper or base and there are some that are a combination of both.

Some of these toppers are very nice, with a price that can be over a hundred US dollars. The type of motorcycle used is usually what runs the price up. Additionally, the bride and groom figurine can play an important factor in price. Expect to pay $50.00 or more for a nice motorcycle cake topper.

There are a few motorcycle wedding cake toppers that are pretty cheezy. They can be cheaply made with all plastic parts and very little embellishment. These types of toppers will be in the lower end of the price range, around $20.00.

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Harley-Davidson® Wedding Cake Toppers

Sadly, there is no motorcycle wedding cake topper currently authorized by Harley-Davidson®. You can buy cake toppers with diecast motorcycles but you cannot legally purchase a cake topper with Harley’s logo on it.

After you purchase a cake topper you could easily add a Harley-Davidson® cupcake pick or some other small item with their logo, like a poker chip.

Harley Davidson Cake Topper
The logo included in this set in the image is a good size for adding to a cake topper. You can usually find these sets on eBay. When you do a search for them, leave out the word wedding and just search for Harley Cake Topper or Harley Davidson Cake Topper.

Custom Made Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

There are so many options to choose from now for custom-made motorcycle wedding cake toppers. From simply changing hair and skin color to metal silhouettes with your initials, date, and you.

acrylic ultra classic motorcycle cake topper
This company seems to no longer be producing these acrylic engraved motorcycle cake toppers.
Bride and groom on motorcycle made of wire.
Daryl’s Rock and Wire Works

I no longer offer custom motorcycle wedding cake toppers on the website but the images below are a good example of the kind of motorcycle cake toppers that you can create for yourself.

Motorcycle cake topper with bikers and gaspump
Was tons of fun making these with the biker figurines. They are no longer made in this size.
Two motorcycles, bride and groom on a base with heart background.
This was my all time favorite. Elegance, Harley and two motorcycles!
sportbike motorcycle wedding cake topper
Sportbike, tulle and feathers! Fancy!

Another of my favorites. The hippie couple and motorcycle are salt and pepper shakers.
Another pair of salt and pepper shakers, these have a magnet at their mouths to keep them kissing. Available on eBay.

Funny Cake Toppers With Diecast Motorcycles

Funny wedding cake toppers have been popular for years and their jokes fit in perfectly for pairing with diecast motorcycles. Dragging the groom away from his bike, holding the key to the bike, and the bride pulling the groom off of the bike.

Doesn’t matter what type of motorcycle brand you own, they make for great conversation at the reception.

Most of the figurines are porcelain and will break if dropped. They range in size from about 6″ wide x 5″ tall to about 7″ tall if on a white plastic base.

You can still find these on eBay usually starting around $39.00. The type of diecast motorcycle used, (Harley’s generally cost more than other brands), the figurine used and other decorative pieces can run the price up over $100.

Precious Moments© Motorcycle Collection

Highly collectible in their own right, these adorable Precious Moments motorcycles would adorn any wedding cake with style. If not for the reception cake, a bridal shower cake would do too.

Through the years, Franklin Mint has produced these beauties with choppers, trikes, side cars and cruisers. Recently, they have made a series of couples on motorcycles painted with their favorite football team. One of these might be awesome for the grooms cake.

Most of the figurines in the collection are around 8″ wide by 6″ high but make sure you check sizes before ordering. Bon Voyage is one of my favorites with its porcelain finish but it is way too big for a wedding cake topper.

Precious Moments motorcycle,
Precious Moments© Motorcycle
“Buzzin’ Down Life’s Highway”
Precious Moments© Motorcycle
“Cruising Down Loves Highway”
Precious Moments© Motorcycle
“Holding On Tight To Your Love”
Precious Moments© Motorcycle
“I Wheelie Love You”

Precious Moments© Motorcycle
“Love Will Go The Distance”

Precious Moments© Forever By Your Side Available on Amazon

Make Your Own Motorcycle Themed Wedding Cake Topper

You can make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper! No matter how craft-challenged you think you are, it is possible for you to make your own motorcycle wedding cake topper.

It might take a couple of hours to put it together after you have gathered your supplies, but your efforts will be rewarded in the end. If you have more time than money, you’ll want to give this a try.

You’ll be proud of your accomplishment and the guests at your biker wedding will be impressed.